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April Kelly : Changing the way Moms feed their babies

May 20, 2022 Reka Season 2
Martini Mamas Podcast
April Kelly : Changing the way Moms feed their babies
Show Notes

I had the opportunity to sit down with founder April Kelly, the first black-owned and woman-owned ready-made plant-based milk company that is scheduled to launch this summer.

This isn't just some company trying to make money on a small pocket of black consumers by slapping an "organic" label on something. April wants all black moms to have access to a healthy option outside of the hospital if breastfeeding is not possible for a variety of reasons. She knows that there are many obstacles and barriers that black women face in society when trying to breastfeed including a lack of health insurance, poverty, and inadequate employment. 

April wanted to change the way mothers think about feeding their babies. Sure is a special ready-made plant-based milk that provides complete nutrition, quality, and convenience for mothers returning to the workplace. With the aid of pediatricians, I am so glad that April is providing us with an option, especially if you are unable to breastfeed your baby or choose not to. This ready made plant based milk  is obviously a very crucial role in Black Mompreneur history as it aims to help our kids develop and grow at the right pace! We are looking forward to the product launch this summer!

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